Taelor Moran ’17 used APEX to help her choose a fitting academic path



Taelor Moran ’15 (a Biology major from Atlanta, GA) was – like many other first years – confused about which academic path she wanted to pursue when she first arrived at Wooster. To help her make this decision, her First-Year Seminar professor recommended that she seek the help of the Career Planning office in APEX. Following up on this, Taelor met with Career Planning staff namely Director of Career Planning, Lisa Kastor and Assistant Director of Career Planning, Marylou LaLonde. They discussed suitable career options using the results from the personality based Myers Briggs test she had taken earlier. Based off these results, Taelor decided that medical research would be the most fitting path, thus deciding to be a Biology major. Taelor now meets regularly with Associate Dean of Academic Advising, Alison Schmidt, to discuss her general progress in her current classes and also to explore classes to take in upcoming semesters. Taelor also meets consistently with Associate Director of the Learning Center, Amber Larson to maintain a study schedule. Also, APEX is collaborating with the Biology department, to help her plan summer opportunities in the field of medical research. She said that they have been instrumental in helping her understand what professors expect in classes and that has boosted her academic performance overall. “[APEX] has been extremely helpful. I was very stressed out initially about which major I should choose, but they really helped narrow down things for me,” commented Taelor.